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As my beloved country, Israel, faces ongoing acts of terrorism and war, I believe in fostering a spirit of resilience and strength within our community. That is why I made a conscious decision to provide free, high-quality resources to site visitors. By offering these valuable tools, my aim is to equip you with the necessary skills and insights to independently craft exceptional resumes. Furthermore, as you take charge of your professional journey, you also contribute to bolstering Israel's economy and keeping the workforce thriving. Together, let's build a brighter future for Israel while taking charge of our own destiny.

ביחד ננצח

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Kelly Sikkema

The Relocation Checklist

Did you come to Israel to volunteer? Have you recently made Aliya and returned home? Moving to a new country is stressful enough. Take your mind off the hassle of revising your resume by ensuring that it meets this checklist!

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