You know you’re the best at what you do, but do your potential customers know that? In today’s world, online presence is everything, and here at Korn Comm we make sure your service shines among the others. Let us create your landing pages, blog posts and service/product descriptions, and prove to the world that you are the best!



Korn Communications aims to help you attract your potential customers, by speaking their language. We opt to provide you with professional, speedy and affordable work in English and Hebrew. 



Some of my recent projects include landing pages for fashion and technology websites, feature articles about companies and schools, and blog posts on various topics.


My favorite type of clients are the ones that admire high quality work, done at lightning speed. This includes business owners, university professors, and content editors.


I'm Leah- a language-loving wanderer. I grew up in both the US and Israel, which sparked my interest in the translating profession. I feel that every person is entitled to have any information they desire, in the language they are most comfortable in. That's what i'm here for- to help make the information accessible and easy-to-read.


hebrew english translating, תרגום עברית אנגלית

Korn Communications


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