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Our Recent Projects

Website Translation

Translating your website is the hottest business trend right now. Using translation software is no longer popular, due to awkward and frustrating mistakes they can cause.

Some of the popular websites we've translated include fashion, technology, medical and professional fields.

Business Introduction
Professional CV's

First impressions count, and your CV is the first impression potential employers have of you. Allow us to create and edit your CV according to US or Israeli standards. This service includes a consultation call and two revisions.

Self-Help & Self-Care Books

Translating something that is meaningful to you is always a pleasure. I recently translated a book about a popular self-help and empowerment technique, and learned a lot from it! The book is now used by academia professionals and students to study the topic in depth.

Financial Reports

We know financial reports can be a grueling task. Sending them abroad can be tiresome and frustrating. We're here to translate both the figures, currency and content, in a professional and discreet manner.

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