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Thinking About Relocation?

Unlock New Career Horizons: Tailored Resumes for Relocation Success.


Relocation for a new job opportunity can be an exhilirating adventure, but it also comes with unique challenges.

Navigating the job market in a different location demands a strategic approach, requiring you to highlight your adapability, ability to work with international teams, and relevant experience in a compelling, engaging way.

Take the leap and embark on a succesful relocation journey .

Let me help you with that.

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Together, we’ll identify and highlight your unique skills and capabilities, and I’ll guide you towards relevant job options, so you can apply for exciting positions with confidence.

  • Free consultation so I can hear about your work experience, goals, and dreams.

  • Personalized questionnaire designed to identify your unique transferable skills, especially those relevant to relocation positions.

  • Keyword research for ATS purposes, protecting your CV from being rejected by the screening software programs used by most companies.

  • Increasing visibility by leveraging local market insight, ensuring the resume/profile adhere to local and industry standards.

  • Two rounds of 15-minute edits, for fact-checking and to add polish to your final resume.

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