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Employee Advocacy - Is it a good thing?

When I first heard the term 'Employee Advocacy', I was pretty sure it meant employees who were trying to sue their employers. That explains why I was so puzzled when it was being used in a positive context!

Well, turns out, I was way off the mark


Employee Advocacy describes the employees advocating FOR their employers, mainly on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Modern recruiters are competing for the best and the brightest, investing many resources to ensure employee satisfaction. These perks can be easily utilized to increase Employee Advocacy across social media platforms.

By implementing a few Employee Advocacy tips, your employees will market the open positions FOR you.

1. Use a dedicated #hashtag for all events and parties.

2. Gift employees with branded swag, and encourage them to post it and tag you.

3. Implement a friend referral system to encourage employees to post job vacancies on their personal pages.

Looking for advanced Employee Advocacy? @theresumeexpert1 I specialize in sprucing up company visibility for Employee Advocacy purposes:

1. Encourage employees to positively reflect their experience on their LinkedIn profile.

2. Create a professional, informative LinkedIn Business page, and state the company mission.

3. Enable LinkedIn job applications to ease the application process.

Have I got piqued your curiosity? Reach out for more tips and info!


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